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who is Kellie Shanygne? Get To Know Her Biography, Age, Net Worth, Career, Height, Family, Social Media

Who is Kellie Shanygne Williams

Kellie Shanygne Williams is an American actress who is best known for her role as Laura Lee’s Winslow in the TV family comedy-drama series”Family Matters “(1989-1998). She has been out of the spotlight since 2011, and many have wondered where she is today.

Who is Kellie Shanygne Williams

What happened to Kellie Shanygne Williams? Is She dead?

Kellie resigned from acting in the early 2010s and has since pursued other pursuits. She is parenting her children while also being an active public speaker, and she can be seen at several teen public meetings focused on peer pressure and how to reach your full potential.

She is also involved in a number of charitable organizations, including the Starlight Children’s Foundation, Hollywood for Children, and Great Beginnings for Black Babies, among others.

Kellie Shanygne William’s Age, Childhood, and Education

Kellie Shanygne Williams was born on March 22, 1976, in Washington D.C, USA, as a child, Kellie was a quiet girl who seldom spoke. Concerned, her father enrolled her in the theatre company, Which proved to be a wise decision because Kellie began to express her talents.

She began her career as an actress at Howard Univerity’s Children’s Theatre. She was falling in love with acting on the stage, and she was growing increasingly certain that acting was her actual calling.

NameKellie Shanygne Williams
Birth dateMarch 22, 1976
Nick NameKellie Jackson
PopularActress, comedian
start career1989
FamilyLaura Winslow
SpouseLakeisha Shanygne Williams
Height5 feet 6 inches
Weight60 kg

Starting a Career and Rising to Prominence

Kellie began her career as a model, appearing in various TV advertisements until landing the role of Laura Winslow in the TV sitcom “Family Matters” in 1989. Kellie appeared in 215 episodes of the Primetime Emmy Award-nominated series that brought her to popularity over the next ten years. Williams, Kellie Shanygne.

She was nominated for the Young Artist Award three times, but each time the award slipped through her fingers. Nonetheless, she rose to fame on television and maintained a prosperous career until her retirement. She played Charisse in the TV series “Moesha” (1996-1998), Katie in the television film “After All” in 1999, and Alice Adams in the TV comedy series “What About Joan” from 2000 to 2001.

Kellie left the entertainment industry at an early age, but she had previously acted in the TV series “Eve” in 2006, as Cee Cee in the comedy film “Steppin: In 2009, she starred as Dedra in the short film “Aide-de-Camp.”

Kellie Shanygne Williams Salary and Earnings

Although Kelly Shanygne Williams has Been out of the entertainment industry for quite some time, her former success has significantly enhanced her wealth.

So, have you ever wondered how Kellie Shanygne Williams is in the middle of 2019? Kellie’s net worth is estimated to be $2 million.

Williams, Kellie Shanygne Personal Affaires, Marriage, Children, and husband

What do you know about this famous actress’s personal life? Kellie isn’t one of those celebs who feed shares details about their personal lives. However, when you are as well-known as she is, it is difficult to keep the information to yourself.

So, Kellie has been married to Hannibal Jackson since September 5, 2009. and they have two Children. Hannah Belle was born in 2010, and John Ervin was born in 2012.

Williams, Kellie Shanygne Personal Affaires, Marriage, Children, and husband

Social Media Presence of Kellie Shanygne Williams

Kelle has amassed a sizeable fan base on Social  Media platforms, particularly Instagram, where she has shared about her personal life, such as photos of her children and husband, among several other postings.

Baby girl, spread your wings and soar! Never Listed to anyone who tells you what you can and cannot do! Only your imagination limits you, therefore dream big and change the world. The world is far larger than DC and Los Angeles. She aspires to be an actress, a doctor, and to attend an Ivy League University.

Kellie is also very popular on Facebook, where she has posted personal information. Kellie can also be found on Twitter, where ahs just under 8000 followers information. So, if you’re not already a fan of this well-known actress, now’s a fantastic moment to start. Simply go to her official pages and see what she is up to next, largely personal undertakings since she has placed her profession on hold following the birth of her children.

What are the body measurements of Kelly Shanygne Williams?

Kellie’s height is 5ft 6ins (1.68m), her weight is 132lbs (60kgs), and her vital statistics are 36-26-35. Her eyes are dark brown, and her hair is black.


Q. When did Kellie Shanygne Williams start her Career?

A.  Kellie Shanygne Williams starts her career in 1989.

Q. Who is Kellie Shanygne Williams?

A. Kellie Shanygne Williams is an American actress who is best known for her role as Laura Lee’s Winslow in the TV family comedy-drama series”Family Matters “(1989-1998).

Q. What is the height of Kellie Shanygne Williams?

A. Her height is 5 feet 6 inches.

Q. What is the weight of Kellie Shanygne Williams?

A. Her weight is 60 kg.

Q. What is the Net worth of Kellie Shanygne Williams?

A. Her Net worth is $2 million.


Kellie Shanygne Williams is an American actress who is best known for her role as Laura Lee’s Winslow in the TV family. This post provides you with the complete story of Kellie Shanygne Williams, which started with her childhood, socialization, family, career, and marriage, and ends with her net worth and body measurement.

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