Who Is Paul Qualley? Get To Know Her Biography, Age, Net Worth, Career, Height, Family, Social Media

Who exactly is Paul Qualley?

Paul Qualley is a former Norwegian-American model and TV personality who rose to prominence as the ex-husband of iconic American actress Andie MacDowell. They were married from 1986 to 1999 and had three children.

Andie MacDowell, Paul’s ex-wife, is a South Carolina native best known for her roles in Sex, Lies, Videotape, Mighty Fine, The Secret of the Sahara, Short Cut, Multiplicity, The End of Violence, Bad Girls, Just the Ticket, and others.

Their marriage lasted a little more than a decade, and they raised a family together, including actress Margaret Qualley, who has followed in her mother’s footsteps in the film industry. It has been decades since their divorce, and the rise of his daughter Margaret in the industry has piqued many people’s interest in his whereabouts and recent activities.

Who exactly is Paul Qualley

A Quick Look at Paul Qualley

Paul James Qualley was born in the United States to Lee James Qualley and Patricia Ann Rondou in 1958. Though little is known about his early life, it is well established that he is of Norwegian ancestry. Young Paul Qualley had a passion for the entertainment industry as a child, and his friends, who frequently pointed out to him that he had the face and body to pass for a model, encouraged him to try modeling, which he did.

He began by booking advertisement gigs and worked his way up until he was shilling for major brands. His subsequent marriage to actress Andie MacDowell also aided his career, but why did he not transition to acting like most models or stay in the industry for longer?

NamePaul Qualley
Popular forThe ex-wife of Andie MacDowell
Birth DateMarch 14, 1958
Birth PlaceNew York, United States
FatherLee James Qualley
MotherPatricia Ann Rondou
Martial statusDivorced
HusbandAndie Macdowell
Height6  feet 2 inches
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorBrown
Zodiac signPisces

Paul Qualley and Andie MacDowell Met Through Modeling

Paul and Andie pose for GAP. Paul Qualley’s modeling career did not bring him much fame, but it did bring him into contact with famous model and actress Andie MacDowell, who would become his wife. In 1986, they met while both modeling for GAP Denim.

After what appeared to be a whirlwind romance, the two married later that year and were photographed hand-in-hand at several red carpet events in Hollywood. Their early years in Montanna were undoubtedly happy ones.

Paul Qualley and Andie MacDowell divorced in 1999 after 13 years of marriage. Their divorce occurred a few months after they moved from Montanna, where MacDowell had begun her acting career, to Carolina, where MacDowell’s sister lived.

The previous life of Paul Qualley

The actress previously stated that she was not prepared to live in the middle of nowhere with people who were not her family. This change in location appears to have had something to do with their subsequent divorce.

Their divorce was unusual and surprised many because, just months before, MacDowell was gushing about their happiness and praising Paul for being a househusband, referring to him as a ‘Mr. Mom.’

While she was busy with the demanding film schedules of Hollywood, he cooked and cared for their then-young children. After they parted ways, MacDowell appeared to have eaten her words when she stated that Paul was no more Mr. Mom than she was Mrs. Mom because they had nannies.

Paul Qualley and Andie MacDowell Met Through Modeling

After the Divorce, Paul Qualley’s Relationship and Love Life

After his divorce, Paul Qualley lived his life away from the spotlight, making it difficult to determine the state of his love life. He only appears to have worked as a contractor and rancher. His ex-wife, on the other hand, continued to actively pursue her Hollywood career, making details of her love life more accessible to the media.

Andie had a year-long relationship with actor Dennis Quaid before meeting her next husband, businessman Rhett Hartzog, through her sister Julia. According to People Magazine, Rhett Hartzog was her high school classmate and had a secret crush on her during their time at Gaffney High School in South Carolina.

Life Situations of Paul Qualley

She married him in a lavish 450-guest ceremony in Asheville, North Carolina, in November 2001. Paul Qualley made what appeared to be a cryptic remark a year after their marriage, saying that he was glad for her and that he hoped marriage would put her in a position to provide more security for the children they had together.

Paul Qualley’s response irritated his ex-wife Andie, who responded by saying that she married her businessman husband because she loved him and that her stability was never in doubt. Unfortunately, MacDowell’s marriage to the Atalanta Jewelry businessman ended in October 2004 after only three years together.

The marriage did not produce any children, but this was not because MacDowell did not want them; she admitted in her forties that she was afraid of IVF but was open to adopting.

Meet the Children of the former model and his Ex-Wife, Andie

After a 13-year marriage, Paul Qualley and Andie MacDowell had three children a son named Justin and two daughters named Rainey and Sarah. Despite their divorce, the former couple never fought over custody of their children because they both agreed to be collectively responsible for their children.

However, the children were raised in Montana by their mother before she relocated to Asheville, North Carolina. Qualley has been out of the spotlight for a long time, but his daughter Margaret has revealed that the former model has a good relationship with his children.

Children Of Paul Qualley

Justin Qualley attends the 2020 Women Making History Awards with his mother and siblings. Justin Qualley is the least popular of Paul Qualley’s children, owing to his non-entertainment-related profession. He was born in 1986, the same year his parents met and later married. In Montanna, where his family owns a ranch, he works as a real estate agent.

Rainey Qualley is Paul Qualley’s first daughter and Andie MacDowell’s second child. She was born in New York City in 1990 but raised in Asheville, North Carolina. Rainey was raised in the entertainment industry and grew up following in her superstar mother’s footsteps.

She made her professional debut in the entertainment industry in 2012, when she co-starred with her mother, Andie, in the comedy-drama Mighty Fine. She was named Miss Golden Globe that year. Prior to that, she and her sister Margaret took part in Paris’ Le Bal des Débutantes, which was immortalized on The Hills.

The career of Paul’s Children’s

She has appeared in films such as Falcon Song and Perfect, and she played herself in Ocean’s 8. Rainey made her television debut in Mad Men before landing her first major role in Love in the Time of Corona. She is pursuing acting and music careers at the same time. Rainsford is her stage name, and she released her debut EP, Emotional Support Animal, in 2018.

Margaret Qualley pursued her interest in dancing after appearing in Paris’s Le Bal des Débutantes before deciding on a modeling career. She worked with brands such as Chanel and Ralph Lauren before branching out into acting. Her first film appearance was in the 2013 film Palo Alto. Her acting career has taken off quickly, with credits including Queen Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and her lead role in the TV show The Leftovers.

Margaret appears to be the one who is closest to their father, Paul Qualley. She once said that he (Paul) had magically predicted that she would be cast in a Queen Tarantino film before she had even spoken to him about it. She had complained to him about being rejected for a few roles, and he invited her to book a flight and come visit him in Panama, where she would be given.

Meet the Children of the former model and his Ex-Wife, Andie

Social Media Life

Margaret’s great admiration for her father and ability to understand him for who he truly is left her stunned when her mother chose to date a certain Dennis Quaid instead of reuniting with her father Paul, as she had hoped.

Given that Margaret was only 5 years old when her parents divorced, there is only so much that a young Margaret could have processed and understood about the state of her parent’s relationship. When Margaret grew up and became the celebrity that she is today, she told the media that her mother’s taste in men surprised her.

Her father is not the only person she has a close relationship with; she has described her sister Rainey as “my idol, my best friend in the entire world.” The Qualley sisters used to live in Los Angeles together and had a dog named Books.

What is Paul Qualley’s Net Worth?

Paul Qualley was not the most successful or popular model of his generation. He did, however, gain some notoriety, and these days he is focused on his business as a rancher and contractor. Though no information about his finances has been made public, it is assumed that he lives an above-average lifestyle. According to some sources, his net worth is estimated to be $100,000; however, there is a chance that the model cum rancher is worth more.


Q. Who is Paul Qualley?

A. Paul Qualley is a former Norwegian-American model and TV personality.

Q. What is the height of Paul Qualley?

A. Her height is 5 feet 2 inches.

Q. What is the age of Paul Qualley?

A. 64

Q. Who is the Ex-Husband of Paul Qualley?

A. Andie MacDowell.

Q. What is the Net worth of Paul Qualley?

A. $100000


Paul Qualley is a former Norwegian-American model and TV personality who rose to prominence as the ex-husband of iconic American actress Andie MacDowell. They were married from 1986 to 1999 and had three children. By considering your interest we have brought this post for you. It contains all the informative data that explain the whole life journey of Paul Qualley

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